The Journey
My relationship with fruits started at small farm in the South of France with its ever changing seasonal colors still vivid in my mind. Countless hours I watched my Italian grandfather with his hands in the soil, planting, watering at night, harvesting. I remember the first time we picked fruits together, the excitement of eating what I had seen him grow. He taught me to respect the land and those who work it and I traveled the world observing the nuances in people and their relationship with nature.

In my journey, I search for the perfect bean building relationships with farmers and local communities. With each season I travel to coffee farms in those parts of the world where harvesting occurs; it is a magical time of the year. From the selection of fresh ingredients, to the art of roasting; from an excellent service to the aromas and flavors of a perfect cup of coffee, I describe Coperaco as the result of a wonderful journey.

Every cup of coffee is only possible after of a long meticulous process; in every step of the journey Coperaco accompanies the bean to achieve perfection. With every cup of coffee, we hope to bring you along in a personal journey, discovering aromas and flavors of near familiar places and far remote corners of the world.

As we like to say “Every cup is a journey”.
Roasting in small batches at our micro lot hand roasting plant ensures exceptional specialty coffee. We quality control every roast and evaluate our coffee at each stage to ensure exceptional freshness in every cup and guarantee our clients with an unparalleled experience.
Our line of specialty grade coffees is strictly sourced from green coffee producers. We travel the world in the search of the most responsible farms developing sustainable relationships with the land and local communities.
In every step of the journey, from farm to cup, Coperaco accompanies the bean to ensure excellence. We deliver uniquely indulgent coffees using the finest and most responsibly sourced beans roasted to perfection as well as designing full scale, custom coffee programs based on each client needs.
We come a long way, from the land we touch, to the people we meet, to the customers we serve, Coperaco’s coffee brings the aroma of distant corners of the world and closer familiar places, we want to bring you along.