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Your Expert Espresso Coffee Guide

If you like to start your day with a quick little pick-me-up in a small cup, this Espresso Coffee Guide is for you – especially if the image that comes to mind is a steaming demitasse cup filled with piping hot espresso. Picking the right espresso coffee grounds is key, but so is the proper espresso maker. Sip slowly, and let’s start from the beginning.


What is Espresso?

Espresso was invented in Venice, Italy, in the early 20th century by a businessman experimenting with how to make his coffee brew faster. The now-iconic brew has evolved into the drink of choice for those looking to savor the moment. An espresso is small in volume but powerful in offering an unforgettable coffee experience.

Espresso is created by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee under very high pressure. When the water is pushed through, it produces a highly concentrated coffee with a layer of foam, or crema, on top. An espresso machine is needed to achieve the nine-bar pressure required to produce the perfect espresso shot.


How is Espresso Coffee Ground Different from Coffee?

There is not a difference between an espresso bean and a coffee bean. The organic coffee beans chosen to brew espresso are usually arabica beans because of the slight sweetness and softer taste with less bitterness. Arabica beans have a higher oil content, which is ideal for an espresso coffee ground.

Dark roasts are preferred for espresso ground coffee because they are bolder and have less acidity. While a medium-dark coffee roast is recommended, any coffee roast type can be used for espresso. The flavor notes of the roast type are intensified due to the high-pressure process of brewing espresso, so be mindful of the flavor profiles you prefer. For example, the floral, bitter notes of a light roast will be amplified when brewed for espresso.


Does Espresso Have More Caffeine than Coffee?

The caffeine content in espresso is affected by the organic coffee bean roasting time. The caffeine content in espresso coffee grounds evaporates and decreases during a longer roasting process. In a single shot of espresso, you’ll find about 40 mg of caffeine. A double shot could have up to 95 mg.

Compared to a 12oz cup of regular coffee with 120 mg of caffeine, the smaller shots could contain more caffeine by volume. Additionally, the amount of caffeine depends on the roast of organic coffee beans used for your espresso ground coffee.


Suggested Serving Sizes of Espresso Drinks

  • Ristretto – ¾ oz of an espresso shot
  • Single-shot – 1 oz standard serving size
  • Lungo – 1.5 oz of espresso
  • Double shot (Doppio) – 2 oz of espresso


How is Espresso Ground Coffee Used?

Different organic coffee drinks can be created using espresso ground coffee. No doubt the drink names will be familiar to you from the menu board at any coffee house. Learning which drinks have espresso – and the amount used in each – is important information when looking for that little pick-me-up in the afternoon! Here are five espresso ground coffee drinks that you can enjoy:


5 Popular Espresso Ground Coffee Drinks

  1. Americano – espresso shot diluted with hot water
  2. Latte – steamed milk with 2 oz espresso
  3. Cappuccino – 2 oz steamed milk, single shot of espresso, 2 oz milk foam
  4. Mocha – 30 ml steamed hot milk, 50 ml chocolate flavorings, 60 ml espresso
  5. Breve – 2 oz espresso combined with steamed half-and-half frothed milk


Is Espresso Healthier than Regular Coffee?

Espresso has some of the same health benefits as coffee. The benefits may be amplified since espresso is usually enjoyed straight, without added sugars and cream. Espresso is known to improve concentration and boost physical activity, but there are other health benefits as well.


Health Benefits of Espresso

  • High in antioxidants
  • Low in calories
  • Reduces the chance of diabetes

And best of all, that extra shot of espresso in the morning does wonders for improving your mood. A good, well-ground espresso coffee can be enjoyed throughout the day, so if your mood takes a hit in the afternoon, look for the closest coffee shop and treat yourself to an extra shot!


What is the Best Way to Make Espresso Coffee at Home?

Without exception, the best way to make espresso coffee is with a quality espresso machine. Most espresso machines come with a built-in grinder that will produce the right texture of espresso coffee grounds needed for your brew. An organic coffee roast that creates a very fine espresso coffee ground is ideal for brewing the perfect cup of espresso.

Brewing the ideal cup of coffee at home is on trend. More people are brewing their coffee at home than spending their money at coffee houses right now. De’Longhi espresso machines and organic coffee blends that are created specifically for the De’Longhi espresso machine are readily available.


Can I Use My Espresso Machine to Brew Regular Coffee?

You can, but it is not going to produce the best result. An espresso machine is designed to use pressure to force hot water through very fine espresso coffee grounds. Regular coffee grounds are not as finely ground, and using an espresso machine may produce a result that is not your desired taste, flavor, and strength.

So, the opposite is also true – you won’t brew that perfect cup of espresso with a regular coffee maker. The design of a drip maker does not produce the same force of water to create the concentrated cup of espresso you are looking for.

Why mess with a winning formula? Get your morning kick with your De’Longhi espresso maker, and let your drip coffee maker work for you in the afternoon or evening!


The Benefits of a High-Quality Espresso Blend

In your search for the ultimate organic coffee for an espresso coffee blend, explore the small coffee roasters that delight in the perfect cup every time. An inspired coffee company will travel, respecting the seasons, to experience harvest time in every corner of the organic coffee-producing world. Choose an espresso coffee ground from a roaster that is committed to the journey of finding – and brewing – the perfect cup of espresso.


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