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Choosing the Perfect Coffee

The search for the perfect cup of coffee is a noble quest. Some will say the best coffee lies within the roast of the beans. Others say it is in the ratio of water to coffee, while still some champion that how the coffee is brewed is what makes it the best coffee.

Each of those factors weighs heavily in choosing the perfect coffee. But before roasting, ratios, and brew methods come into play, the bean itself is the star of the show. Where the coffee bean comes from, if it is presented singularly or in a blend, and how the coffee beans were grown all have an impact on the brew that reaches your cup.

What is Single-Origin Coffee?

Single-origin coffee can be over-simplified by saying it is coffee that all comes from one single origin or place. But with coffee, it can be a little more complicated. It doesn’t always mean the coffee came from one single country, for example.


Specific Single Origin Coffees:

  • Region
  • Cooperative
  • Individual farm or producer


Single-origin coffee is special because the taste of a bean from one region tastes different from any other region. Sometimes single-origin coffee within the same region tastes different due to the influences of season, climate, and processing. Each of these factors makes it unique.


Is Single-Origin Coffee Better?

Single-origin coffee has a bolder, more robust flavor that speaks to its location of origin. These beans tell a story about the land they grew from – the climate, the rainfall, and their unique surroundings. Single-origin beans are renowned for their purity and high quality.


What are Coffee Blends, and Why are They Made?

A blend isn’t just beans originating from more than one country but rather more than one place, including different regions, farms, or producers within the same country. A high-quality blend takes the best qualities from each origin and creates smooth, well-balanced, perfect coffee.


Top 5 Coffee-Producing Countries

  1. Brazil
  2. Vietnam
  3. Colombia
  4. Indonesia
  5. Ethiopia


Blends were created to combine different origin coffees for greater balance and complexity. This also highlights the best notes of each coffee, resulting in some of the best coffee available. Many coffee blends are designed to work with or without enhancements such as milk and sugar.


What is the Difference Between Organic Coffee and Regular Coffee?

Organic coffee is grown the natural way. It is not introduced to synthetic fertilizers or chemicals and prefers to grow within the shade of lush forests, within natural ecosystems. Regular coffee plants can be among the most heavily chemically treated crops in the world. They prefer open sun, which results in clearing fields and creating run-off and eroding situations.

Organic coffee is safer for the land, the farmer, the environment around the coffee plant, and, ultimately, the consumer. From the place of origin to ultimately ending up in your perfect coffee cup, an organic coffee bean has been exposed to less chemical treatment and brings more health benefits to our bodies. You may not be able to tell the difference between an organic coffee bean and a regular coffee bean from the outside, but the difference is clear when it comes to how they were produced.


What are the Benefits of Organic Coffee?

Organic coffee farmers use a safer way of growing coffee. This results in more micronutrients like magnesium, potassium, niacin, B vitamins, and minerals. These farmers also practice fair trade, sustainability, and environmental safety. These are great benefits that influence our health and the health of our world.

While it may be encouraging to know that most of the toxins on regular coffee beans are “roasted out,” that still leaves a good bit of chemical residue. Rather than rely on coffee myths that have circulated since the beginning of time, examine the claims of health benefits from organic coffee and determine if making the change is right for you. By purchasing organic coffee, you support systems that encourage healthy ecosystems and sustainable methods.


How Do I Find Organic Coffee?

Responsible roasters are passionate about bringing small-batch organic coffee to the masses. Believing everybody deserves the best coffee to start their day, Coperaco Coffee is bringing indulgent coffees to customers in ready-to-ship sizes for your French press, drip maker, or espresso machine. Purchasing the perfect coffee is only as far away as your laptop or smartphone.

Order whole bean coffee selections so you can achieve the grind you crave for your perfect coffee, no matter which brew method you prefer. Or place your order for freshly ground beans to the consistency that works best for your favorite brewing method. Consider a blend from the Zakarian Collection to find the best coffee for you. If ever there was an arbiter of taste for the perfect coffee, it would certainly be Geoffrey Zakarian!


Which Coffee is the Best Coffee for Me?

There is no way of knowing until you have tried them all! Espresso yourself with the nutty, chocolate taste of the Maestrale Espresso Blend, or lose track of time in the Colombian Rainforest Cold Brew. Consider a light roast Ethiopian coffee and surprise yourself with the best coffee yet!

There are so many ways to experience the perfect coffee; you don’t want to limit yourself to just single-origin coffee, blends, or even one brewing method! You can choose the grind that suits your favorite brewing method – coarse grind for French press, medium grind for drip, and fine grind for espresso. Each single-origin or custom blend is designed to highlight the flavor profiles of beans’ regions and give you the best coffee experience available.

Stir up some excitement and treat yourself to some of the best coffee organic coffee growers have to offer. Savor the difference you will taste between organic coffee and a regular brew. You will develop a passion for flavors, nature, and the distant lands that develop perfect coffee. Much like the roasters who have made organic coffee trade their life’s work, finding the perfect cup of coffee will remain your noble quest!

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