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5 Reasons Why You Will be Obsessed with Single-Origin Coffee

Coffee drinkers that are obsessed with organic coffee are usually equally enamored with single-origin coffee. In the case of organic coffee blends, there is a definite difference in the flavor. Also, all organic beans are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, so cleaner beans and surrounding air quality make a big difference in flavor profile and clean tasting notes.

So, what is the difference between single-origin coffee and coffee blends? For the expert coffee drinker or the novice, it is important to know the difference and to understand the significance of single-origin and coffee blends. In fact, once you’ve given each type a try, you may never look at coffee the same way again!


What is Single-Origin Coffee?

The most important thing to know about single-origin coffee is that you can trace all the coffee beans from that batch back to a single source. It isn’t blended with beans from any other area. You can trace it back to the producer, crop, or region in one country or even the one farm, mill, or cooperative. Knowing where your coffee is from helps you get a deeper understanding of the flavor profile by knowing the climate and other farming practices specific to that coffee bean.


Top Producers of Single-Origin Coffee

  • Colombia
  • Tanzania
  • Ethiopia


What is Special About Single-Origin Coffee?

Single-origin coffee has the most original and unaltered profile. It is not blended with other beans, and there is no other organic coffee type exactly like it. Once you learn the profile of a specific single-origin coffee, you can go back to that one choice over and over, and you’ll never be disappointed because the taste will not change unless there are significant changes within the region it grows.


What is the Difference Between Single-Origin and Blended Coffee?

The easiest answer is to say that a single-origin coffee comes from one specific country, region, farm, or cooperative, while a blend combines beans from different countries or regions around the world to achieve a unique flavor. Organic coffee blends create delicious cups of coffee, as well; however, a single-origin may take time for a novice drinker to discover and fully appreciate. Perhaps enjoy the best of both worlds by brewing up an organic blend in the morning and savoring a single-origin coffee in the afternoon to expand your palate and broaden your coffee horizons.


Is Single-Origin Coffee Healthier?

Single-origin coffee is healthier simply because of the way it is grown. Single-origin coffee beans are permitted to grow in nutrient-rich soil until their peak and then they are harvested through sustainable farming practices. Organic coffee in both single-origin and blends has been found to lower the risk of heart disease and dementia while increasing your energy levels and mental alertness.


5 Reasons to Drink Single-Origin Coffee

  1. Know where it grows
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Nutrient dense
  4. Disease defense
  5. Flavor


1. You know where your coffee came from with single-origin coffee.

When you want to know exactly where your coffee came from, single-origin is the way to go. Because it is not blended with coffee beans from other places, you know exactly how it was grown, processed, and roasted. Additionally, you may not know about chemical additives when blending a variety of beans from various locations, climates, and farming practices.


2. Single-origin coffee is friendlier to the environment.

One way single-origin coffee is friendlier to the environment is due to its being grown in smaller batches and harvested once a year. This promotes more sustainable farming practices that emphasize quality over quantity. Additionally, these friendlier farming practices maintain biodiversity and protect bee populations in the area.


3. Single-origin coffee is more nutrient-dense due to growing practices.

Single-origin coffee that is grown in the shade, for example, becomes more nutrient-rich because it has a slower maturation process. The leaves that shade the tree fall to the ground and decompose. This provides nutrients to the soil that sustain the coffee plants.


4. Single-origin coffee has been proven impactful against certain health risks.

When coffee plants aren’t chemically treated and left to mature at their own slow pace, they naturally become richer in nutrients. The nutrient-dense soil and natural environments provide important minerals that aid in disease defense. Some research shows single-origin coffee can be impactful in eliminating risks like dementia and heart disease.


5. Single-origin coffee offers a unique, unspoiled flavor that other coffee cannot provide.

The uniqueness of a single-origin coffee, specific to its area or region, cannot be denied or rivaled. There is no comparison because these beans provide a flavor that is specific to the region, climate, soil, altitude, shade, and farming practices where they are grown. It is unlike any other coffee, and, for a coffee lover, that makes it all the better.


Where Do I Get Single-Origin Coffee?

A quality roaster will search the earth for the world’s best coffee. They develop relationships with local farmers in regions that produce the most flavorful organic and single-origin coffees through sustainable practices. A roaster that finds the perfect beans wants nothing more than to perfect his craft – the art of roasting.

By working with nature, Coperaco Coffee is committed to respecting the environment and how food is produced, specifically coffee. While working in the coffee industry allows the team to travel to the most beautiful and remote areas of the world in search of the perfect cup, they share these adventures through small-batch roasting at their plant in Brooklyn, New York. If you are looking for an unparalleled coffee experience, Coperaco Coffee ensures exceptional freshness and delivers this guarantee – sharing these adventures will inspire you to travel, to enjoy, and to preserve the world.

All of that from a cup of coffee? Yep! See for yourself when you order a dark roast from Indonesia or any blend from our Zakarian Collection. With the right single-origin coffee selection, you will feel like you can change the world. Or, at a minimum, be inspired to change your little corner of it.

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