Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Coperaco Espresso Bar


Last night was really exciting for us behind the bar at Coperaco Espresso Bar in Harrison, NJ. As we would do any other day, we made sure everything was perfect and yet, we had to be extra careful accommodating for the event, for security reasons. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was about to give an speech in our café.

There is a majority of female baristas at Coperaco and were specially intrigued to meet one of the most powerful women in America; But of course, everyone in the team was looking forward her visit.

When she walked in our hearts jumped a little, as if had caught us by surprise. It is not every day you are so close to someone with such an impact in modern history. Everything went perfect and her speech was up to expectations.


With less than 3 months in business we have proven our establishment is ready to provide an impecable daily service to our customers as well as to host events of all sizes and occasions.

Coperaco Espresso Bar
777 S 3rd St
Harrison, NJ 07029


Coffee WisdomHelena Arlaud