Our first café is making us proud- As seen in Dwell

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These past years have been the most incredible journey for us at Coperaco and as we grow we see small and big dreams come to live. With our first café we are able to share our home with the public and do what we do best, the art of coffee.

The first cafe of many to come, here in the US as well as around the world; a dream; a journey. Thank you Dwell for being part of our story.

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By Alison Sinkewicz / Published by Dwell

Coperaco, a celebrated New York-based roaster, opens its first U.S. cafe in Harrison, New Jersey—and it's a stunner.

Serving as the ground-floor lobby of Harrison Urby, a lifestyle-oriented rental complex, Coperaco's first U.S. cafe is dripping with lush foliage. Founder Johan Pesenti collaborated closely with Amsterdam based
architecture and interiors firm Concrete to create an idyllic sanctuary where patrons can savor the
high-quality, carefully-roasted brew.

"We wanted to have an open space, lit by natural light, where you have the feeling of being in a greenhouse," Pesenti explains. The coffee created by Coperaco—which can be found at some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels—is hand-roasted in small batches, and focused on the farming and harvesting of the fruit, so creating a connection to the earth was essential to the design of the cafe.

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