Every Cup Is A Journey


A passion for flavors, nature and distant lands

At Coperaco coffee is our muse. We love the thrill of traveling the world and discovering the vast range of flavors and terroirs in coffee. During our adventures, we delight in connecting with farmers, communities and respecting the beauty of the lands each destination. No matter where we go we have one thing in mind: to respect Mother Nature and coffee as its precious gift. We care about the beans and their tasting characteristics to achieve perfection in blending, roasting them by origin, in small batches, to delight all of our customers.

We hope to bring you along a personal journey with our coffee, discovering aromas and flavors of near and far places, and taking you back in time and sweet memories.





Committed To Excellence

We take the utmost care in what we do in order to bring you the best out of your favorite drink. With time and experience, we have come to the point of mastering post-blending in a way that creates uniqueness to our coffees, delivering consistency in taste and excellence in every cup.

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As a food brand, we are committed to bring awareness around the importance of respecting Nature in food production.

We respect the seasons to provide the freshest coffee, as every producing country see its harvest time at different moments of the year.


inspiring to travel

As Sir Richard Burton said "The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” Working in the coffee industry allows us to enjoy some of the most beautiful and remote areas in the world. We are high on life, and caffeine, and we only wish to share this adventures with you, to inspire you to do the same, to enjoy the world.


Boutique approach, industrial capacity

Whether a small or large order, we roast all of our coffee in small batches at our roasting plant. We roast everyday and evaluate our coffee on a regular basis to ensure exceptional freshness in every cup and to guarantee our clients with an unparalleled coffee experience.

“In my journey, I search for the perfect bean building relationships with farmers and local communities, traveling to coffee farms many times a year; it is always a magical moment. From the selection of fresh ingredients, to the art of roasting and blending with style; from an excellent service to the aromas and flavors of a perfect cup of coffee, I describe Coperaco as the result of a wonderful journey.”
— Johan Pesenti, Coperaco Founder



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